A Perfect Companion – Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix

This is an excellent mix, definitely a keeper.  I love the flavors and the ability to use as much or as little as I like to flavor my dips.  It took about 2 minutes to put together and I use it regularly.

Yesterday my minion winged her way back home.  The dogs are pouting and checking her room and the front door waiting for her to come back and it has been too quiet in the house.  I caught myself holding off on another cup of coffee this morning because I didn’t want to wipe out the pot before Auntie Fran had hers.  We are creatures of routine and habit around here and it will take a few days for all of us to equalize again.  Auntie Fran will be missed for another year and then she will be back (No hinting there at all!) for a visit, eventually I am sure we can convince her to move but until then we will continue to go through the sad cycle.

On a high note, during her visit we got a lot of different tests done.  I have a huge backlog and could probably get away with not testing anything for the next month and still have plenty to share with you.  Although, the chances of me not testing are next to none it is still great to have plenty to work with just in case.

Today we have a really quick and easy one that is definitely worth talking about. 


Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix

The only thing that was not standard in my spice arsenal was the parsley but it has now made the official “pantry staple” list because of this mix.


The recipe ratios are perfect and all you need to do is toss it in a bowl, jar or baggie and shake it up.  I had an empty spice jar floating around (I knew I kept it for a reason!) and it was perfect for this.


In general, I am not a huge fan of ranch dressing.  Primarily because the main ingredient is mayonnaise and I don’t really like the taste or texture of that.  Weird?  Yeah, maybe a little but I can live with it.  If you are a fan of a more traditional ranch, the link gives you a good recipe to follow.

I am a sour cream kinda girl, if I use ranch it is usually the packet of Hidden Valley Dip mix in sour cream.  This works perfectly for that as well.

Y’all know that I am horrible at taking actual measurements when I can avoid them so the best I can offer to you is dump some sour cream in a container and add the mix a little at a time until you have the flavor you want.  I prefer to think that in this way I am making it customizable to your taste rather than being lazy about measuring.  You buying that?  Excellent, glad to hear it…moving right along.

If I am using this with anything that can possibly be considered mexican food I will chop up a little cilantro and add it to the mix.  It adds just a little bit more flavor and works so well on tacos, burritos and enchiladas.  Hmm, I think I know what I am having for lunch.


Since the ingredients are all things that I keep in the house anyway, I can mix up a little or a lot depending on what I need it for and it is so good!  No more overpriced packets filled with chemicals for me…..Just look at this and tell me you aren’t dying to try some.


I made a huge batch of it for Joe’s party (without the cilantro) and we put some in the bottom of plastic shot glasses with some carrot and celery sticks.  So far as I know, no one knew the difference between this and a “normal” ranch.


To my way of thinking that is the best test of any homemade mix.  If when you tell people they say “I had no idea” then you are golden!

So, what do you think?  Have a special ingredient that you add to your ranch dressing?  Have another mix recipe that tastes even better?  Tell me all about it!