Coffee Brownies

Coffee Brownies

Two of my favorite things in one perfect brownie, these were amazing.

I am a coffee addict. That probably doesn’t really need to be said, we are all aware of my inability to deal with life before I get at least a cup in my system. After my morning coffee I am done for the rest of the day…unless I am out in the afternoon and just happen to drive by Starbucks. I would never intentionally go 5 miles out of my way so I could “accidentally” drive past one or anything, that would be silly. The point is, I am not a constant coffee drinker and don’t generally go nutty with all kinds of different coffee flavored stuff.

Sometimes there are exceptions and when I saw these Coffee Brownies on Pinterest they created an insane urge to drop everything and make them immediately. Seriously you guys, how could I resist chocolate and coffee?

We loved these Coffee Brownies, they were easy to make and turned out so yummy!
Coffee Brownies

The recipe is straightforward and not difficult but I had to wait until the next day so I could save some of my morning coffee for the ganache. Do I need to tell you how hard it was for me *not* to drink it?

We loved these Coffee Brownies, they were easy to make and turned out so yummy!

I melted the butter and added everything to the saucepan so I didn’t use any extra dishes…I was feeling particularly lazy, maybe from a lack of coffee.

We loved these Coffee Brownies, they were easy to make and turned out so yummy!

I mixed the wet ingredients, added the dry ingredients then stirred it all up and poured them in my greased pan. My 8×8 was in use so I used my bar pan since it generally works really well for brownies.

We loved these Coffee Brownies, they were easy to make and turned out so yummy!

Baking them was an extreme test of my patience, they smelled so good I was ready to take them out and dig in with whatever I happened to have handy (It’s OK to eat brownies with a spatula, right?)

Once I took them out of the oven it was a struggle to wait to eat them until I made the ganache. Of course, I had to wait for them to cool anyway so I didn’t burn my face off but it was a close thing.

Thankfully it was easy to throw together. I heated the coffee I set aside, added the vanilla and chocolate chips then melted it down. You guys, forget the brownies…this stuff is amazing! Yep, I totally burned my mouth tasting it but it was so worth it.

I finally got around to slicing into the brownies and piling a few up. The bar pan is bigger than an 8×8 so they turned out a little thinner which obviously means I needed more, right? I poured the ganache over the top and then just stared at it in awe, so much yum!

We loved these Coffee Brownies, they were easy to make and turned out so yummy!

YOU GUYS!!! I have no words, this was one of the best things I have put in my mouth for a long time. I may have eaten the whole stack by myself…No I didn’t really, I totally shared with Joe (a bite is sharing, right?).

There was a small problem with the texture of the brownies. I use the Starbucks Breakfast Blend and the grounds are pretty big. I think with a finer grind or maybe if I used instant coffee granules to get the flavor that would fix the problem. Not that it kept me from eating them, it was just a bit more noticeable than I had hoped. What do you think, would instant coffee work or should I try to find a finer grind? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, I know I am going to have to make these again…soon!

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      I am so sorry Lisa, but I promise you it is worth a few extra weight watchers points SO.FREAKIN.GOOD…Oh and don’t skimp on the ganache, you can vacuum vigorously to earn some exercise points to make up for it (at least that was always my theory when I got carried away!)

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    My husband’s reaction when I nudged him to look at the post: “Don’t. Don’t make me get up and go into the kitchen and bake!”. We both love coffee and we both love chocolate. I guess I know what I will be making this weekend!
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    Hi Miranda. I made these and found them to be such a TREAT! So glad you mentioned the size of the coffee grounds. I used Dunkin Donuts coffee which has a finer texture than Starbucks and it worked out well. I even went as far as serving a scoop of Butter Pecan ice cream on the side. My oh my was it good. Thanks so much for sharing!

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