Rice Pudding

This Rice Pudding was easy to make and turned out tastier than I expected.

This Rice Pudding was easy to put together and tasted so good!

Joe has been talking at me about his grandma’s rice for more years than I can count. He could never tell me what it was or anything more than that it had cinnamon and sugar in it. Seriously y’all what am I supposed to do with that.

The other day he wandered into the kitchen and asked me to please make him some. I did a search on Pinterest for cinnamon sugar rice and this Rice Pudding popped up. I felt a little silly that I never thought it could be rice pudding for about 2 minutes then realized that since I have never made it, or even eaten any, it wasn’t strange after all. I was really impressed that I found something that I could make that might come close to what Joe has been talking about forever.


Rice Pudding Image from Pinterest
Rice Pudding

The ingredients for this were really easy and I had everything in the house, which was probably a good thing because I’m pretty sure Joe would have gone nuts if I hadn’t been able to make any after showing him a picture he said “might” be what he was looking for.

I threw everything but the milk and cream in the saucepan first. For me, adding the liquid last makes mixing it all easier. That is probably a weird twitch of mine but I can accept that. According to the original blogger, if you keep stirring it the cinnamon will mix in. I stirred the crap out of that stuff and it was just not happening so I gave up on it and hoped for the best.

This Rice Pudding was easy to put together and tasted so good!

You guys know I’m awful at reading the directions all the way through before starting something. I didn’t realize that it needed to cook for so long! Of course, Joe and I had somewhere that we needed to be in an hour and I *had* to take a shower before we went. I got it started and boiling (also the cinnamon started to behave), watching it carefully to make sure that it didn’t boil over. When I started to panic about the time, I commandeered Joe and made him take over the babysitting.

This Rice Pudding was easy to put together and tasted so good!

When I got out of the shower and got myself ready to go it was still cooking so I took over and kicked Joe out of my kitchen. Somehow he managed to make a huge mess without doing anything. I guess I should have known better than to leave him unsupervised.

I needed to cook this a little longer than 45 minutes, maybe because I turned down the heat before I left Joe alone in the kitchen. I assumed he wouldn’t be paying close enough attention so I wanted to reduce the risk of a boil over on his watch.

Unfortunately, because of the time it took we didn’t get to eat it immediately. When we got home later in the evening, I threw some in a serving dish and stuck a spoon in it.

This Rice Pudding was easy to put together and tasted so good!

Y’all it was pretty darn yummy! Joe whined about it not being warm enough, I’m sure you can imagine my response to *that* but other than that he was pretty happy with it. The best part is, the next time he starts asking me to make grandma’s rice at least now I know what it is!

I would love to know if any of you have a recipe named after a family member that would be really hard to explain to someone else? I think we all have one and I can’t wait to try and figure out yours so leave me a comment and tell me all about it.

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